What to feed my dog? 5 Important things for my Dogs Diet.

What to feed my dog

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If you are like me, your dog is family if not more. I always want to do the best for my dog and his health and seeing him happy and healthy is good enough reason to give some thought to his dietary intake. This includes buying the best dog food that I can and asking the question as often as possible with experts and other dog owners about what to feed my dog. With so many different brands of dog food on the market, and so many different experts, opinions and theories, it’s important to do your research before buying dog food.

As a rule of thumb (and there is many rules to choose from)  most dogs should be on a primary diet of dry dog food. Therefore, this article will focus on how to pick the best dry dog food for your furry companion.

Important things to decide on what to feed my dog.

There are 5 important things to think about when deciding on the best food for your dog

  • First, a good general guideline for a healthy dog’s diet is food consisting of approximately 50% meat and 50% vegetables. That means no or minimal grain, wheat or other filler. Sometimes this is hard to determine from the information provided on the regulated part of the label (i.e. the guaranteed analysis or the ingredient list). Don’t stress too much, just do the best you can. Reading the back of a label can be enlightening (or worrying) and I know I started doing this when I needed to work out a allergy solution with what to feed my dog.

  • Second, try to make sure that the protein source is from meat. On average (depending on process) It takes about 5 lbs of animal meat to make 1 lb of dog food. Some types of meat included are chicken, lamb or venison. Even if 1 source of protein is listed first, be sure to scan the rest of the list to check for unhealthy filler or substances you don’t want.
  • Third, grains are not necessarily bad. Any grain you feed to your dog should ideally be used in its whole form. The best grains for your dog, when used in the proper proportions, are rolled oats, barley, quinoa, millet and brown rice.
  • Fourth, dogs are carnivores by nature. However, a well-planned vegetarian diet can work for dogs. If you feel strongly about this, please consult your veterinarian to determine the dog food for your situation.
  • Fifth, there are several retail and prescription only dog foods available for specific conditions such as diabetes, skin conditions, allergies, weight loss and joint problems. Before starting your dog on any of these types of feeding regimens, consult your veterinarian on the best solution for your dog specific needs.

Last thoughts for you to remember with What to feed my dog?.

Maintaining an active nutrition for dogs does take some time, but similarly to picking out your food, you should do

You mean I shouldn't be in here??

You mean I shouldn’t be in here??

your research and pick out the best dry dog food. Take your budget into consideration as well. Coupons are often available in the paper, online or at your veterinarian’s office. Follow these helpful tips, and when when your stuck with the question “What to feed my dog?” when in doubt consult your veterinarian






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