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No trip to the vet is complete without the usual vet dog food suggestions and offers. I guess we have to face it that vets these days are just like any other enterprise or business and are in the practice of up selling and offering products in order to increase their profit from your visit.

I know we all trust our Vets with our pets lives and health so how can we really argue with them when it comes to food?

Who should we believe about the best food for dogs?

Vet dog food suggestions My most recent trip to the vet was to restock my dogs dry food which is a specialty food to assist with allergies. It was one of the suggestions from my Vet about food to combat his allergic reactions however it’s not cheap but appears effective. I do realize its far more expensive than normal supermarket or pet food alternatives but feel I am making this call the save money in the long run in vet fees.

As an alternative my lady keeps suggesting I try one of the more natural organic dog food alternatives but for now I’m worried that if i change his diet again, his allergies may get worse and I’m back to frequent vet visits. Below are some of the foods I have tested;

So what have I tried?

What I’ve tried so far and that has worked quite well for me (or should i say, Leo my Labrador) is Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet dry food.

Royal Canin best food for dogs

My Lab has joint dysplasia and so in order to work with his joints and keep them working properly I really have to monitor his diet and weight.

I tested the Royal Canin Canine Vet Diet Obesity Management DP34 briefly before settling back into the normal Hypoallergenic. It was useful to lean my Labrador up but as its only prescribed by Vets am not sure this is a long term solution for my guy (quite cost prohibitive).

The good news is due to the dysplasia I can’t walk him as far or run with him before he starts to limp and so his energy / food requirements are a little less. He is just a little less active and so accurate measurement and use of the Royal Canin is that little bit easier.

Hills Science Diet vet dog food suggestions

Another of  the offers or Vet dog food suggestions is the Hills Science Diet. They also have a dry food for large dogs such as my Labrador that assist with health and joint mobility. I did some homework before buying (we all do this right?) and from the reviews it appeared that many dog owners swear by it. I cant say he is any more mobile from this food and I actually feel its costing a bit more than the Royal Canin alternative in the long run. (Slightly different measuring system and amount).

The cost of Dog Food Alternatives

The issue i have with all of these dry dog foods is the astronomical cost of them in both the cost of the food itself and my time to make my way to the vet. As every owner can agree it seems that every trip I take to the vet has a bigger bill attached to it.

As soon as these thoughts are out of my head however I instantly feel guilty that I am putting my wallet in front of my beautiful dogs health and well being and well, that’s not right either!!  So what to do?  I want him to be happy, pain free, healthy and mobile and obviously have a great quality of life but save myself as much cash as i can at the same time.

Your thoughts on best food for dogs?

The joy of pet ownership!!  Vet bills and pet health issues in this financial climate will certainly take a toll on every pet owners pockets. And with some families needing to juggle their finances appropriately to care for ALL of their family members (human and animal), so anything that can assist in keeping costs down and pet health at it’s optimum is a great start to the juggle. Here are some of my tips;

  • Measure cost of Vet dog food alternatives against retail but also dont forget to measure your pets consumption. With some foods you can feed your dog less!
  • Don’t forget to factor in vet bills versus cost of food. Its no use supplying cheap food and receive huge bills in return.
  • Pay attention to your pet on the varied diets. Does he look happier? How glossy is his coat?
  • I know its a horrible task but also pay attention to his waste. You can tell a lot about your pets condition by his waste.


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