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If you are looking for some of the highest quality dog obedience training equipmentavailable, please read what is important and what is not. There are quality products out there that are bogus and then there are ones that your dog may really need. This short article will cover a little bit of what you are looking for and why it is important. Ready to begin?

A dog needs exercise to stay healthy. We need exercise to stay healthy. Without this vital movement in our bones and blood, our bodies would become stagnant and slowly get worse (which they do to a point already). The fact of the matter is, your puppies health rests in cleanliness, diet, and exercise. Do you give your pet all three things? What kind of agility equipment are you seeking? Or were you in search of a different kind of equipment? There is also literature which can be considered dog training equipment. See my top product choice below for more information about that.

As I just mentioned, if you are looking for something to read and learn, so that you can teach your dog, see my product choices below. If you are in need of information on what type of equipment to buy, stay tuned. A great tool for a combination of balance and coordination is a weave pole. Outdoor weave pole kits are normally made from PVC pipes. They transport efficiently and easily. They can be positioned in a format that you desire as well. This allows for a variety of dog exercise in your own backyard.

A tire jump is also a great way to help train your dog’s muscles and stamina. A good size jump to purchase is one that is 4 to 5 feet in height. One that is roughly the same size in width is also a good thing to have. Now obviously the jump height is not going to be 5 feet because many dogs would not be able to do this. Make sure the jump you are looking for has a wide range of heights to choose from.

See if the tire jump you are looking at, is made from quality PVC pipe too. The last thing you need is cheap material to break or to bounce back and injure your dog. Remember, in agility training it is best to have quality over quantity. Also, see if the equipment is easily assembled. A lot of the equipment you can buy today comes color coded, which makes it a lot easier on your part.

A teeter board is also a great thing to help your dog’s balance. A good teeter base to look for is one that is adjustable. Make sure you can set and regulate different skill levels for your dog to use. The last thing you need is to make your dog dive in the deep end of the agility circle. Having a teeter base that you can raise will allow you to slowly train your pet to walk across the board on a flat surface and then gradually work its way up to a steep incline. This way your dog will be able to run and balance on a moving board later on.

Teeters are normally made from weather proof material so if you live in an area that sees dramatic weather shifts, you need not worry. Make sure your equipment also meets the regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC). You can be assured that your new purchase is well made if it does meet those requirements.

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