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Collar and Leash

Dog Leash & Collar Training


You must train your pup that it should not always get its way. You need to introduce dog collars and leashes within one week of bringing your pet home. Gently place the collar around your dog’s neck. It should not be tight but it should be snug enough to prevent your dog from easily pushing it off. Dogs often don’t take to their collars right away and are annoyed and scratch at it.

Leave it on for a few hours at a time until the animal is used to it and then introduce the leash. The collar and leash are what you need to keep your pup safe and to train it in basic dog commands. Safety is very important and without the leash your pet could easily get away from you on a busy street and be injured. Your dog’s first reaction to collar and leash will be that they are restraints and not much fun. They will get used to them though.

Training collars are made of leather or chain. Some folks call them “choke collars”. They usually have a large ring at either end. You place one end through the other to form a loop, then drop it over your dog’s head and attach a leash. By pulling on the leash, you can apply a slight “choke” to the dog’s neck. This will encourage it to do or not to do something during training. You must never pull too hard.

Do not let your dog run around and play by himself when wearing the collar and leash. He could be injured if the collar becomes entangled on a branch or fence. Use this apparatus only when you are training your dog to respond to certain commands. If you are walking the dog too obviously. We will conclude this helpful hint with this.

If you are right handed, learn to walk your dog on your left side. This will allow your right hand to remain free. The leash should be shortened enough to keep the pup near your left knee. Remember to be gentle and do not shout and scream or yank on the leash. Speak your dog’s name and encourage him to follow along on the walk. Keep him close to your left knee. If he performs well, reward the animal with some friendly praise.

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