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Basic Commands

Basic Dog Commands

Teaching your new puppy basic dog commands is not difficult. When you order your very own dog training course, the whole program of welcoming, teaching, and bonding will become clear to you. To get you started, we will discuss the basic commands. These hints will help you when you begin to train your own pet. In an earlier article we suggested teaching your dog the first command “no”.

Building on that, the next commands for you to consider are sit, stay, and come (recall). Dogs have very highly developed senses and it will be helpful to use your eyes, voice, and hands in sign language. This will assist your pet in learning. To teach your dog to sit you will want to look at it and call its name at the same time you order him to sit. If necessary, use your hands to gently push the pup down into a sitting position. This is making use of voice, eyes, hands, and builds confidence. Your dog will want to please you and when it succeeds, say something encouraging to praise the dog.

A point to remember is this, always train your pet when it is alert and not tired of sleepy. It will get sleepy after eating. Keep your training sessions short and be generous with praise. Never display anger if your pet is not an “A” student. Dogs have good and bad days just like we do. Be patient and be kind. Even if you don’t have a national champion on your hands, you’ll have a dog who loves you. That’s better than any trophy dog I can think of. —

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