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If your dog keeps whining and never seems to be quiet, you have a problem. The spark of the problem may not be with the dog though. Not surprisingly, many of the problems encountered over the years, always come back to the owner’s fault. This does not mean the owner is a bad owner. It just means the owner cannot recognize the symptoms and causes of the dog’s issue. A good owner will learn to recognize these signs early and take action to prevent anything else from happening.

Your dog is going to whine for a number of reasons. It may want attention, food, to go outside, use the bathroom, and the list could go on and on. When feeding your puppy, remember to use a stainless steel dish. Never use plastic bowls or dishes. This is just a rule that you should become familiar with. Remember to feed your dog a proper and balanced diet as well. It needs that right amount of protein in order to have a shiny coat and a health coat at that. Proper nutrition is essential to a dog’s well being.

A lot of these problems arise from common sense issues. It is amazing how many people do not pick up on why their dog is whining. Other popular problems include the use of a crate. Many dogs do not like to be put in a crate at all. Whining will pick up when this happens and might cease to stop unless they can come out. One of the last problems is at least helpful. A dog will whine if it has to go outside. This is a good thing because you do not want your puppy to relieve itself on your brand new rug.

If a dog must use the bathroom and is letting you know that by whining at the door to go outside, let it outside. Do not engage in any other activity or games but rather just mildly praise your dog for letting you know it had to use the bathroom. If this process is repeated enough you will have a dog that never goes to the bathroom inside. Congratulate yourself when you get to that level.

A great way to try and eliminate the amount of whining your dog is doing is to train the animal. Practice giving a few commands such as down, sit, stay, and the list goes on. This will get the dog to become focused on positive behavior. With positive behavior comes reward. Make sure you reward the dog for completing the action. Everyone likes to be congratulated, even your puppy.

What activity are you doing if any when the dog begins to whine? Does it whine excessively or just a little bit? A reason the dog may whine is because it wants your food. If you are having a tasty steak, the dog smells that and wants it. It is best if you can train the dog to eat away from the table. Better yet, see if you can have the dog go away while you eat the table. You could also be outside and the dog wants to come in with you.

If your dog is having bathroom problems and needs to let you know that it must go, it may be whining. Practice training the animal to wait at the door and let you know that it needs to go. Within a few weeks, it will be able to control itself and the whining may cease. Remember to take the animal outside to use the bathroom after they eat. A dog is most likely to use the bathroom within a short period of time after they have their meal. Be patient and be kind, your dog will reward you in the end.

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