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Most people find that listening to a dog whining is one of the most annoying things to put up with. If you wish to stop dog whining there a few measures you are going to have to take. As with barking, whining is best treated by ignoring the dog completely. Unless the dog is in pain, which you should try and rule out as quickly as possible, it is most likely a ploy to grab your attention. Remember, dogs are attention seekers as they are a social animal by nature and instinct.

The sound of a dog whining is very irritating to most people. However, when a dog whines they do so because of a natural behavior in them. They want something. Whining is always associated with wanting something. They may want help, security, food, exercise, or anything at all. Puppies will normally whine to their mother if they are in search of and want something to eat. Hunger is commonly associated with this type of behavior. The older the dog gets, the more likely it will try to whine to get something it wants. Do not allow yourself to be trained by the dog. That is your job.

What activity are you doing if any when the dog begins to whine? Does it whine excessively or just a little bit? A reason the dog may whine is because it wants your food. If you are having a tasty steak, the dog smells that and wants it. It is best if you can train the dog to eat away from the table. Better yet, see if you can have the dog go away while you eat the table. You could also be outside and the dog wants to come in with you.

A lot of these problems arise from common sense issues. It is amazing how many people do not pick up on why their dog is whining. Other popular problems include the use of a crate. Many dogs do not like to be put in a crate at all. Whining will pick up when this happens and might cease to stop unless they can come out. One of the last problems is at least helpful. A dog will whine if it has to go outside. This is a good thing because you do not want your puppy to relieve itself on your brand new rug.

Obviously if your dog has to use the bathroom, let him outside. The last thing you need is to be cleaning up a mess inside the house. This is one form of whining you must act immediately on. You should be able to tell if your dog has to go to the bathroom. It will most likely be sitting near the door and staring at the door knob and looking back over its shoulder at you. Take the hint and let the animal outside to relieve itself.

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