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A lot of dog owners will agree that dog whining is annoying. With that said, many owners also agree that whining can be important if not vital to your dog. Yes this is true. A dog whines when it needs something and it is up to you to pick out what the dog needs. The dog behavior of whining is a natural born part of the animal. You cannot diminish it but you have to learn how to cope and deal with it. Training must be done through repetition and proper procedure.

If a dog must use the bathroom and is letting you know that by whining at the door to go outside, let it outside. Do not engage in any other activity or games but rather just mildly praise your dog for letting you know it had to use the bathroom. If this process is repeated enough you will have a dog that never goes to the bathroom inside. Congratulate yourself when you get to that level.

The best way to prevent a dog from whining all the time is to ignore it. Make sure that your pet is not whining because it is injured. If all is safe, then just ignore the whining. The dog will learn that it cannot get its way with you just by whining and will cease to quit its behavior. If the dog keeps whining than you have a bigger problem.

A great way to try and eliminate the amount of whining your dog is doing is to train the animal. Practice giving a few commands such as down, sit, stay, and the list goes on. This will get the dog to become focused on positive behavior. With positive behavior comes reward. Make sure you reward the dog for completing the action. Everyone likes to be congratulated, even your puppy.

Try placing the kennel (if you have one) in a room that is quiet and away from you. Any loud noise or commotion will disturb the dog and get it excited again. This is not what you want to happen. You want the dog to try and settle down when you place it in its kennel. This will also you and your family in regards to wanting to respond to the animal. This method works well but takes time to achieve desired results. Dog behavior and whining does not get resolved overnight.

Look closely at the situation when your dog begins to whine. A dog will never whine just because it feels like whining. A dog will only whine when it wants something, whether that is your attention, food, or what have you. Try and determine what is bothering your pet and see if you can fix the problem. If your dog only whines at one particular event than you are dealing with a minor issue. Once that issue is solved, you will have minimal to zero whining cases. One of the most important things to remember is to never give into the whining. If your dog sees you doing this, it will open a can of worms in your training efforts. The dog will then use the whining more than ever to achieve what it wants.

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