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Imagine if a doctor went into the operating room without knowing exactly what the problem was. They knew the patient was sick and had a problem somewhere in their mid region, but they weren’t exactly sure. So the doctor decided to operate on the stomach, spleen, kidneys, etc… This is a not-so-bright approach to fixing the problem as you will agree. Why should you take a different approach to training and understanding your dog then? Looking at your dog is an important part of dog ownership.

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Before you decide to do any kind of training with your animal, you have to know how it behaves. Know the problem before you decide to tackle it. Not only are you shooting yourself in the foot by rushing in to solve a dog problem, you are hurting the animal’s learning ability by forcing it to do something it may not have a need to do. Allow the problem to show itself rather than rushing in with an ambush of training lessons you think your dog needs. Your dog may be one of the most behaved animals in the city except for one little mistake. Watch and learn from your pet, it will surprise you I am sure.

You should have some sort of general knowledge about your breed. What kind of dog did you buy anyways? Is it normally aggressive and does it like to bark all day long? Is your dog used for herding cattle or sheep? These kinds of questions play an important part in the way you learn from your pet. Marketers have to learn their target audience and in this case, you are the marketer and your target audience is your pet pooch. Learn your audience and you will be much better off.

The changes your pet will go through during their lifetime is fascinating to watch and will give you many surprises along the way. There are three main components to knowing your pet inside and out. They are watching, listening, and understanding. As a starter, why don’t you take your dog for a walk today if it is possible and pay close attention to what it does. Watch the inner and minor details of everything during the walk. You probably don’t normally examine your pet this way on such a close basis so it will be a good thing for you to do. Does it like to sniff for most of the run? Is it interested in people and other animals? The clues to understanding your pet are all right in front of you, just waiting to be noticed.

Many people have said this over the years because it rings true. The dog’s eyes will let you know what is going on. Look into the eyes of your dog and you will open up a whole new world you never knew existed. It is truly amazing the way the pets eyes can convey a different set of meanings all throughout the day. Watching your pet can be extremely satisfying knowing that the animal is a creature of God and is a loyal friend to you, their owner. Take care of them and they will give you many years of great joy. –

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