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Do you get knocked onto the floor when you open the door upon your return home? Have you ever wondered how to stop my dog from jumping up on me? This jumping could be a result from another problem so we will have a look at some main issues of jumping in this article. Whether you have a fence jumping dog or just a puppy that likes to pounce up on people, it should probably change. No one likes to have a disobedient or dominant dog and this is what is happening in this case.

If you do have a dog that likes to jump up on you, you are going to have to start training it that this behavior is unacceptable. How do you properly train the animal not to jump on you? It will take a bit of patience on your part and some repitition. The best way to get the training through to your dog is by repeatedly doing your training actions when the jumping is occuring. Are you ready?

One of the best things you can do for a jumping dog, is to ignore it. It may sound simple and obvious but not very many people actually do this. Most folks get flustered and start to criticize the dog and correct it. If you are sitting inside and this happened, leave the room for a few minutes. This will start to send a signal to your pet that maybe what it did is not important to you and there is no point in doing it. If your dog does not jump up on you when you come back into the room, praise it somehow. Give it a treat or give it verbal praise.

Never encourage your dog to jump on you. This is sending all of the wrong signals and will lead to disaster in training later on. If you do allow your puppy to jump up on you already, it is time to change that because you could have a real problem in a couple of years. Always command the dog to sit down before you give it any kind of attention. This point will be touched on in the next paragraph. Last but not least, do not try to show very much enthusiam for greeting your pet when you come home. If you do show a lot of excitement, it will send a signal to the dog that you really missed it and its behavior is working. Is your puppy a fence jumping dog inside the house? If so, try getting a higher puppy fence to stop the problem.

A good way to practice having your dog sit down is through using a friend or a family member. Arrange for them to come over so you can practice training the dog in its jumping training. It will probably be best to put the dog on a leash to start. This will allow you to control it better at first. Have the visitor ignore the dog completely until it is sitting down quietly. Instruct the dog to sit down. When the dog finally does sit down, you can then go over and pet it.

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