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How To Stop The Dog From Jumping The Fence

Preventing your dog from jumping up on someone can be a very hard thing to do. Puppies loves to interact with people and they just can’t hold back their excitement. This can be in the form of play, thankfulness, or at worst, aggression. You may have a dominant dog if it is always trying to get on the same eye level that you are. Think carefully for a minute and try to picture when your dog jumps on you. Is it out of play or at certain times in the day? Regardless of what it is, you should not be allowing your pup to be climbing onto you.

You can try to use the distraction method on your pet. This technique has been proven over the years and if done correctly, has great results all around. What you are going to be doing is focusing the dog’s attention on something else, at the exact moment it jumps up. You can do this by using a training disk or some form of loud noise. The distraction will scare the dog and if you keep on doing this, you should see better results in your dog’s behavior.

Laying down a framework and a set of rules for your puppy at an early age, is the best thing you can do. You have to be consistent in your training of the animal. If you wish to allow the puppy to jump on you during times of play, then you cannot expect it to be trained in the “anti jump”. Your dog should either be allowed to jump or not. The choice is clear and the choice is up to you.

Many owners seems to encourage their pets to jump into their lap while they watch a movie. Now this example might seem a little silly but I have seen it with my own eyes many times. This behavior, although cute and adorable, is something you should strive to get away from. You are only going to be embedding the idea that it is okay for the dog to come up onto the furniture and onto you. Your dog should be sitting in its own basket at the corner of the couch. They don’t care if they can see the TV or not.

What time in the day does your dog seem to be jumping the most if any? Some folks ask how to stop their dog from jumping the fence. Well it seems a little obvious but if you have the money, build a bigger fence. It is an easy solution to the problem. However this is only putting a cap on the problem, not fixing it. You will also have to engage in active preventive behavior training.

If you want a dog to stop jumping, it will take time. A dog that is well trained does not happen overnight. Many of the world’s top trainers, spend many long days and weeks training puppies to become well behaved adults. Try and think of the process in a similar way with children. A child will not become a well behaved adult in a matter of a couple weeks. With that said, if you use the proper foundation and skill set for training your pet, you will be much better off in the long run.

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