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How To Stop The Dog From Jumping On The Counter

If you are looking for some quick dog training to stop your dog jumping at the table, read no further. Jumping is a problem that is apparent in many puppies around the world. Dogs both young and old have been known to have jumping issues. What causes your pet to want to become airborne? The answer awaits us.

One method that seems to work well is the distraction method. The process is quite simple and you may already know what it consists of. You basically distract the dog when it goes to do something that is unacceptable. The distraction, usually a loud noise, will scare the dog. This operation, if used repeatedly, will make the dog not want to perform the action any longer. Thus, the unacceptable behavior is reduced or stopped completely.

You have to remain strong in your will and training. You cannot train the dog not to jump on you for six days out of the week and then let him jump on you one day out of the week. This is an all or nothing case. There are no exceptions. There are a couple of basic methods that work well when training a puppy. They consist of each to use gadgets.

Most dogs will want to jump up on someone or something if they become excited enough. The proper way to train a dog is to make sure that it can control its excitement. Curve the excitement into a more acceptable energy form and your battle is almost done. Many dogs will jump up on the counter for attention, possibly food. When does your dog seem to jump the most? Is it at dinner time? A simple solution here would be to leave your dog in its cage while you have dinner. If that is not feasible, leave the dog in another room while you eat.

If you want a dog to stop jumping, it will take time. A dog that is well trained does not happen overnight. Many of the world’s top trainers, spend many long days and weeks training puppies to become well behaved adults. Try and think of the process in a similar way with children. A child will not become a well behaved adult in a matter of a couple weeks. With that said, if you use the proper foundation and skillset for training your pet, you will be much better off in the long run.

Methods such as the corrective jerk and praise for sitting are also recommended. The corrective jerk is simply that, a jerk on the leash used on the dog when they jump. Use this in conjunction with a firm “No” and do it as necessary. The jerk will cause the dog some discomfort and make him not want to do it again. This kind of correction will deter him from wanting to keep jumping. Take your time and do the training right. In the end, you will see a difference.

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