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Fence Jumping Dog

Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

Whether you have a fence jumping dog or a dog that just likes to jump up on people in general, you have a problem that you must deal with. A dog loves human interaction and contact, not to mention face to face contact. We have all had a puppy come up to us and try to wiggle their nose near our face and lick us. This is an inherent born characteristic of the animal. However cute this may seem, it has to be corrected at an early age otherwise you may run into a lot of trouble down the road.

This act can actually be dangerous believe it or not. If you have a rather large dog who likes to jump up on people, this could be extremely frightening for a younger child or an older person. So with all cuteness and games aside, it is best if you learn to train your dog not to jump. How do you go about doing this? It starts at home and it starts at a young age.

Dogs will learn how to behave based on what happens in their daily lives. If you continue to allow a puppy to lick and jump on you it will expect this same allowance out of you at a later age. In order to stop this behavior from happening you are going to need to put an end to it at an early age. Only through early and proper training will you have a truly obedient puppy. So how do we go about the procedure to stop your dog from jumping up on people?

It is going to be difficult to stop the urge to pet your puppy if it comes over to you and jumps up on you but it is your only hope of stopping this bad behavior later in life. You have to learn to look at the big picture and the goal in mind. Remember, great rewards later for some sacrifice now. Consider the use of a training leash for dealing with your dog’s jumping issue.

If you have a few family members, remember that you all must use the same commands when correcting the dog. There is nothing worse than one person saying stop and another person saying hold it Lucky. Confusion is your worst enemy so do not let that happen to you. Effective communication and conversation is the only way you will get through to your dog. It is also the only way your family can properly deal with the pet. You need the same set of commands and guidelines if different people are going to be training the animal. The routine must be the same.

If you are playing with your puppy, you might want to consider playing with it at eye level. First, this is a lot safer for the pet. Second, it will probably remove the want for the puppy to jump up at you in order to make level eye contact. So teach your children if you do have any, that any games played with the puppy must be done on the ground at eye level. Use this tactic and see how your results go.

Many people try to push their dog off of them when it jumps up on them. This is the worst thing you can do for one major reason. Your action of pushing the dog away will not be seen or taken as a corrective measure. Rather, this pushing you do will be seen as an encouragement to continue their behavior. The dog believes it has been rewarded because you touched it one way or the other. As for a fence jumping dog, your best bet would be to build a higher fence if at all possible.

A lot of jumping will stem from great excitement levels in your dog. One way to deal with this issue is to deal with or limit the amount of excitement that you give your beloved puppy. Don’t worry, this will not offend your dog. They do not carry hard feelings like a human does. Remember, greet the dog on your terms and do not show overexcitement when doing so. Use these methods and see if your results improve. For more great information on dog training, become a free member below and receive our information packed newsletter.

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