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Finding the Perfect Dog

People spend many weeks finding the perfect apartment dog or house dog. Having a perfect dog is probably not something to hope for, although you can certainly try to work towards that goal. No one is perfect, be it human or animal, although I would tend to argue that animals are closer to it, since they do what they were created to do. That is beside the point though. What is important is that you care for your dog in a way that will give your pet much happiness and care for the years to come.

Always remember that your dog is doing the best it can to please you. If something is not going right, it probably isn’t because the dog is being mean (which is highly unlikely) but rather because it is confused. It is amazing how many times it comes to confusion. This brings up such and important part of dog ownership and that is communication. If you cannot communicate with your dog about issues that are bothering you, than you are going to get nothing accomplished by the way of training your pet.

So what is one to do? You have to learn how to communicate and you also have to learn how to understand your pet for what it is. One must learn to obey before they can command. A dog can command its own life independently only after it has understood a certain set of rules set aside by you for it to follow. Play by the rules and the dog is off the hook and it won’t feel bad. Besides, what is to feel bad anyways, it didn’t do anything wrong?

This is the stage you want your dog to reach, and it can certainly be done but it will take perseverance on your part and some dedication. Get it instilled into your pet that your command is the final word. It makes life easier on you, your nerves, and also can help you when you most need it. There is nothing worse than having a dog which doesn’t obey you when you want it to. The frustration and anger that can set in afterwards will just rip you apart and you wish you never bought a dog in the first place.

These are things which don’t have to be if you only follow the advice given here. Goals and schedules, patience and training, positive reinforcement, and some luck are all a part of your arsenal for teaching pooch. Pooch will soon realize that being good is in fact, a good thing. The more this becomes apparent to the dog, the less you will have to correct it. The less correction you need, the more quality time you can spend with the animal without having to worry about whether or not it will disobey you. The perfect dog for your family is one that is well trained. All animals have their fair share of ups and downs too so don’t’ be so hard on yourself or the dog when things get out of line once in a while.

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