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Dog Breed Personality Test

dog breed personality test may be just what you are looking for. Testing your dog’s personality and obedience training for food is something that should go hand in hand. All of our pets are tested throughout the lives at different situations and trials. They should also be tested during their actual training. It is imperative for you to put your dog to the test, in order to make sure that it can pass future tests presented at it. You want to know that your dog is capable of carrying out the commands you give it. You never know when the time might call for a very important command to be followed through with.

What do you teach your dog and how do you test it? Well, this article isn’t telling you to test your dog with a paper and pencil, but rather test to see how well its knowledge of your training is working. What you want to do is very simple. It is a process of setting up scenarios which are under controlled conditions. Thus when the time arises for an uncontrolled condition added into the picture, your pooch will pass with flying colors.

Test your dog with various methods and calculations. See how it performs and what it needs work on. It won’t be hard to figure out what your dog is in need of. It will let you know very easily when it fails to obey a command. Also as a side note, the commands it fails on, are not because the dog is dumb but rather because you did not pursue that area of training enough. Maybe it is not even that you did not pursue it enough, but in the right way. So then, let us begin.

The first test is to see whether or not a dog will sit down. This is a fairly simple task for those who have spent a week or so training their pup to take a seat. The first thing you want to do is to tell your dog in a loud and firm voice, “SIT”. If pooch sits down, reward with firm and normal praise, and also throw in a doggy treat. Patting on the head is also recommended as it reinforces what the dog just did was a good thing.

If your dog did not sit down, you have a problem. Why didn’t the dog sit or heel when you told it to? Why is this dog so stubborn? The dog is not being stubborn; it just doesn’t know that it must put your command with the action yet. Give it time and make sure to always reward with praise. Praise is absolutely essential to getting the point across to the dog. The dog’s ego is your best friend. There are also other tests you could perform such as a dog IQ test.

Never forget praise and do not use negative enforcement. This type of training will have detrimental effects on what you are trying to accomplish. You want to establish a feeling of pride and a “well done” attitude in the dog. If it feels what it is doing, is making you angry, it won’t know what to do next. When it fails, simply show it the right thing to do.

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