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The basic housebreaking rules of dog-keeping are fairly straightforward. If training your pet pooch were a simple task, you probably wouldn’t be here. But unfortunately, it can seem like a painstaking procedure at times. When you are learning the basic housebreaking rules of dog ownership, there is one main thing to keep in mind. Keep it simple and keep it obvious. More than likely, you are trying to potty train your pet so that is uses the bathroom on a newspaper, or something that you have designated to be the “to do” area.

Bear in mind that if your dog or puppy is sick, and uses the bathroom by accident indoors, this may not be an issue to worry about. If the behavior continues though, you will want to have a look into it. If you do plan to housebreak the dog, it is best to do so at an earlier age. This will allow the dog to become accustomed to the proper procedures you have taught it. An older dog can also learn, however it will be a little more difficult to accomplish.

Your animal lives by instinct, habit, and repetition. The longer you can teach your pet to live in a clean area, the more it will enjoy good hygiene. Before your know it, your dog won’t even want to go anywhere near a pile of urine on the floor. Now isn’t that something to shoot for? It most certainly is. Cleanliness and proper hygiene in an animal will greatly benefit their health and your sanity.

Poor cleanliness and hygiene in your dog will lead to poor health and insanity on your part. If you don’t properly train the dog from day one, it is going to give you problems. The same can be said for humans. Try not to leave any kind of waste laying around the house either. You don’t want to send a message to the dog that it is ok to leave waste in the house, because it is not. Obviously you can’t be there all the time, but when you are home, make sure to check the designated “doo-doo” area on a regular basis and remove anything that is there. We want the dog to think that it is wrong to eliminate wastes inside the house.

Whatever you do, never take up the issue of habit of yelling at your dog. Not only are you going to scare the animal, you are going to make it confused. This could lead to even more defecation inside your house which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do. Keep a clean house with a mild mannered voice and you will go a lot further in the area of training your dog than most dog owners would ever dream of.

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