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Problems With The Dog Stealing Food


Are you having problems with the dog stealing food? You are not alone. Your dog may or may have not taken food from you in the past. If it hasn’t, you can count yourself lucky. More than likely though, your pooch will at some point or another want to take a stab of some nice roast beef. What is the reason for this? What is the reason for a dog wanting to take anything in general from you? The answer varies but for the most part, will come down to attention.

You see, my brother used to have a dog, a beagle to be exact. From time to time, this dog would love to take clothes, a chew toy, anything it could get its hands on. The object would be hard to find, or would be somewhere in the next room. It came down to wanting some attention and even wanting to play a game. Tug-of-war is very popular with all kinds of different dog breeds. These types of habits are direct and let us know exactly what the dog feels.

Animals act on instinct, not an intellect like we humans have the privilege of doing. Animals are not blessed with the graces of free will, thought choice, a soul, or anything else that we have. They act based solely on what they instinctively is in their blood. So the next time you think your pet was out to get you, think again. Being around animals a lot says something for many people. They know the animals love them and wouldn’t do anything to get back at the owners. If a dog is angry at you, it will let you know.

If the dog is not angry at you, it will also let you know. What it won’t do however, is plan a nasty tease on you when you least expect it. So take little games for that they are worth and always remember that the animal is just acting like the way it was meant to act; nothing more and nothing less. Your dog may also sense a change of something as they are very good at that.

When you leave to go to work or just out of the house in general, does your dog whine? Your dog may have a case of separation anxiety and this will lead to a cause in behavior which you might think is hateful on the pooch’s part. The dog is trying to grab your attention before your leave the house. It doesn’t want to be left alone and certainly will do anything in its power to let you know that. With this in mind, it will be a lot easier for you to cope with the problem than if you were to think, you had a weird dog. So remember, attention is one of the leading causes as to why a dog may do strange things (according to us). Just keep a watchful eye and see if you gather some sort of pattern to the madness.

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