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Peeing on the Rug

How to Stop a Dog From Peeing On the Rug

My Dog Goes to The Bathroom Inside

Probably one of the worst things you can experience, is defecation on your brand new rug. We have all been there at one point or another in our lives. The question that pops up now is,how to stop the dog from peeing on the rug? Before I go any further, I highly recommend to visit the products I have listed below. No they are not mine either. The top choice is one I have found that has proven itself world-wide. Daniel Stevens has shown people how to get their dogs to turn into angels. The same can be done for you.

If you keep telling yourself, my dog goes to the bathroom inside way too much, you need to act fast. Why does your dog think it is ok to go potty indoors? There could be a number of reasons for this, some of which are undoubtedly your fault. Take heart though, I will give you a cool little tip to try. Declare certain parts of the house off-limits. This will at least help in stopping the accidents from taking place in certain areas.

One of the greatest ways to get your pet to stop peeing on the rug, is not to let them near the rug (if possible). Even if your dog is completely trained, it is time to lay down the law in some areas. You are going to want to make areas like the dining room, your bedroom, bathroom, etc… off limits. It might be a painful task to take up, but it has to be done. The animal doesn’t rule the house, you do. Things are already looking better.

If a certain room in the house cannot be excluded from the dog, which is understandable, try a couple of things. First, make sure the room is well ventilated. Second, make sure you can get to the spot of accident quickly and efficiently. The older urine gets, the more it will make your carpets smell. This is not a good thing to have in your home, especially for visitors to experience.

While you are training the dog for those “off-limits” areas, it might be handy to have a Febreeze bottle on hand. This will at least help in the short term plan of things. Dogs may pee on the rug because they are anxious or nervous. Does your dog have separation anxiety? If so, you need help. See my top choice below for more on this. What can you do in the meanwhile? You can make sure you let your dog know that it is ok to be alone sometimes.

We don’t need to be smothering the pup hour in and hour out of every day of the year. However, the dog needs attention. The animal is a group or pack-like animal by nature and thus needs interaction. So make sure your puppy is getting the attention it needs. A little kindness can go a long way, in the human world and animal world.

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  1. I have 2 male chiuhaha,13 yr old,2 yr old,father n son.they both pee n a couple of places.I’ve rubbed ther nose in it n spanked n scoulded them.It has slowed down for awile,now has picked up again.Please help me out ,Troubled N Pee. Thank You,Matt

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