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Nobody likes poop and we certainly do not like to step in it. What could be worse then stepping in poop? What if your pet rolled around in it? This lesson is going to briefly look at some of the ways to stop a dog from rolling in poop. What’s the deal with a dog and poop anyways? Some dogs may do this for fun, others, for reasons we do not understand.

There is a method to the madness though and correction can be taken. Animals and most especially dogs, will use their wastes as a way of communicating to the world, particularly you, that the spot marked by them, is theirs. To repeat what I am saying here, feces is owned territory by your pet. Your dog may be rolling in their own feces to add that extra point of saying “Hey! I’m the owner of this place, so back off.” Pretty amazing isn’t it?

You have to remain strong in your training of the animal. The best way to stop this action is to catch the animal in the act of doing it. If you try and correct the dog an hour later or two hours later, the correction is pointless because the animal will not be able to put two and two together. So make sure you do the correcting while it is happening.

An interesting note on why a dog does roll may be in fact, that is is very lucky. What do I mean by this? I mean that for the dog, this is a big deal, like one of us winning the lottery. You see, what smells great to the dog, might smell horrible to us. So when Lassie finds a week old feces on the ground, they are showing their excitement by getting right in there and doing a little jig.

Does your dog get a lot of off-leash exercise? If this is the case, you should be more strict on the leash issue. If you go for walks and your dog is well behaved, but not on a leash, it may be time to start using one. Your pet won’t like it at first, but obedience training is something we all have to go through. At least humans do not have to be trained not to roll in dog poop.

We on the other hand do not like dog defecation, smelling or rolling in it, and so therefore, to us, it is gross and nasty. How can we bridge the gap to stop a dog from rolling in poop? The answer is simple and powerful and works amazingly well. To find out what it is, be sure and check out my top product choice below. They have a 60 day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about buying something you can’t use.

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