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Easy ways to Stop your Dog Digging

How To Stop A Dog From Digging

Dog DiggingDog Digging A Hole

The art of how to stop a dog from digging is not as frustrating as some people make it out to be. Digging is something that is part of every dog, whether they truly dig a lot or not. By their nature dogs like to hide things and explore their environment so along with a strong nose you will often have “Hole” problems in your back yard.

A dog exploring his environment has been common since the beginning of time. A subtle scent of interest from over the fence can leads your brand new puppy into an exploration hunt. If you come home to find that your dog has dug a hole under the fence and is happily wandering in the neighbor’s yard, do not take this as an insult. Your pup is simply exploring the new and exciting world around him.

The best advice is not to be upset that your dog is digging and you cannot figure out why. A dog that digs excessively is only showing subtle signs of requiring potential training.

Common simple Ways to stop the Dog Digging stop dog digging

Some people use a couple of tricks to deter dogs from digging like;

  • Balloons in the ground that pop when the dog digs.
  • Some folks use a device called a snap trap. This can be thought of as a little plastic mouse trap that will startle the dog when they dig in that area.
  • Water filled bottles on the spot they like to dig.
  • Spraying the area with scents dogs don’t like or that are very strong like peppers and

These are alright but it is kind of unnecessary. Why go planting these devices all over your yard and have you digging up holes? You want to stop the digging in the first place.

Cure the Boredom

If your dog is bored this is probably one of the first issues you are going to want to address. Dogs must have a certain amount of exercise each day in order to stay fit. Not only that, the animal needs to release its energy. Think How to stop a dog from diggingabout sitting on a chair from 8am until 3am every day. You never get up to eat or take a break you just sit all day. You wouldn’t enjoy it and neither will your dog. Like you your Dog needs to move, needs to release itself of that built up energy. So if your pet is putting a crater in your back yard, it may be wise to start taking it on more or longer walks.

Stashing a bone

Dogs like to hide things. This is also one of the natural aspects of the animal. Did you recently give your dog a new bone and cannot find it anywhere? What about that newly overturned soil in your yard? You can bet money that your dog has probably put that bone into the ground. A dog will do this for a couple of reasons. The most common of them being their natural instinct to protect and hide their goodies from predators. Your dog may feel that there are other animals in the area that might take its treat. Are there other animals around?

Last ditch solutions to stop a determined Dog

A modern solution to an age old problem is to change the environment of the yard your dog lives in.

A place filled with sand that your dog can dig can provide an outlet for his digging patterns

stop dog digging

No chance your pooch can dig through this

As an alternate or supplementary to providing a digging spot a lot of modern homes now use artificial grass. It requires less maintenance in small or medium sized yards and yet still provides a clean firm surface for your dog to roam on but not dig into.

Stopping your dog digging needs some forethought and commitment. By adopting and following some of these steps you are going to go further in keeping your dog from tearing apart your yard.



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