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How To Make Your Dog Stop Digging In The Yard

When you own a dog that digs constantly, you might have lost hope here and there. Do you ever ask yourself why my dog is digging under the fence a lot? Do you want to prevent this happening?. If you want to stop dog digging, you need a plan of action. No longer will your puppy tear out the flowerbeds and rip up your carrot patch. These types of things can be a bit of a challenge but it is so worth it in the end. Work with your pet in order to understand it.

There are many reasons why a dog will dig up the yard. In years past, a dog would dig in the wild to make a bed for themselves or to stay cool. This is still true today as well as for other reasons. Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to dig in the yard?

A dog will dig in the yard because they are bored, they want to escape, the heat of the sun beating down on them and a couple other reasons. Fear may also cause your dog to start digging. There are a number of steps and solutions you can take to prevent this behavior from happening. After all, who wants a yard that is full of holes? There is nothing worse than walking in your own backyard and falling into a big hole.

A dog that likes to bury their food may do so in an attempt to prevent others from getting it. Does this make your dog greedy? No it does not. This is a natural instinct in the animal to prevent other animals from taking their food. Perhaps your dog thinks that their are some enemies around the area that could steal its bone. Are there any other dogs in the area? If there are, build a privacy fence to help dwindle the issue.

Boredom is another key issue when it comes to training a dog. If you want to know how to make your dog stop digging in the yard then listen up carefully. A dog may dig because they are bored. You need to take your dog out to exercise more so that it can release its energy. A dog that is exhausted and tired will not want to start digging up your lawn. Now this does not mean run your dog to the ground with games but you get the idea here.

Is your yard properly shaded from the sun for those hot summer days? This won’t apply to you if you live in Siberia but for most of us, the heat is a big issue. Your dog cools itself by digging into the nice cool moisture and by panting. If there is not adequate shade in the yard for your dog to cool itself it is going to start having problems. It will look for shade, may get sick, and the list goes on. Try getting a doggie house for your pet to lay down in during those hot summer days.

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