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How To Stop A Dog From Digging

Are you having pet behavior dog digging issues? To a dog, digging is a completely normal behavior. Dogs like to dig to bury their bones or because they have found a sweet smell and want to investigate it a little bit more. If it is extremely hot outside, your dog is digging deeper in order to cool itself from the scorching sun. It might appear as destructive to you but to the dog, it is completely normal.

Your dog may be digging because it is bored. This is a sign of a lack of care and proper foresight on the part of the owner. Your dog needs ample amount of exercise each and every single day. Give your dog some more attention and play some games with him each day. Help him put the energy he has built up, to use on things that are good for the both of you. The last thing you need is your yard torn up all over the place.

If your dog is digging in just one spot of the yard then you might have it a little bit easier than some folks. Try blocking off that area of the yard and see how it works out for you. Maybe a flower pot or something of that nature will prevent your dog from digging into the ground at that spot. You will have to test a few different things out and give a few days for each test.

If your puppy is digging and your pet is relatively new to the household scene, this is also a little easier to stop before it gets out of hand. Trying creating a specific spot in the yard in which your dog is allowed to dig and play. This will help the both of you for a couple of reasons. First, your dog will be happy because it will be allowed to carry out its fun. Second, you will be happy because your yard is not getting ripped apart. This can also be used with an adult dog as well, if your dog is older and will not stop digging.

Dogs love the use of a sandbox almost as much as a child. Some say they might even like it more. What is it about sand that dogs love so much? Perhaps it is the ease of digging that allows the dog to freely move their hand through the sand. Either way, if you mark or separate an area of your yard that includes sand for the dog to dig in, the animal will be much less likely to want to tear apart your grass.

A great way to help teach your dog to listen to you is through the use of a training disk. The best way to get this technique to work is by first using it inside. When your dog commits an act that is unacceptable, you should use the training disc immediately. The animal will then start to associate this disk with bad behavior and will also listen to your commands. The training disk can be of great help if you can catch your dog while they are actually digging a hole in your yard. Never punish the animal for digging. They will not be able to associate the punishment with what they did. To them, they did not do anything wrong.

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