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Your dog is tearing apart the house is he? Do you need to stop your dog from chewingyour shoes in half? Many people have this exact same problem and you are not alone. Dealing with a dog that we deem to be disobedient is upsetting, frustrating, and just plain annoying. Why can’t Bucky understand that chewing my good pair of dress shoes is not the right thing to do? Well, when we look at this issue we first have to realize that we are dealing with an animal here. They are not as smart as we are, so we have to train them to think on similar terms.

What is the best way to train your puppy to think in the way that we do? It is advisable to try and think from your dog’s point of view. This may seem a little awkward or difficult at first, but with time you will get better at it. Dog training for chewing problems is something that a lot of new dog owners face. This is true particularly because of the age of their new pet. Chewing has a much higher percentage of bad behavior in puppies because puppies are still learning what is right and wrong. Older dogs seem to have been through the ordeal already and should be better behaved.

If your puppy is chewing on things you do not want them to be, there are a few alternatives you can try. First and foremost, it is best if you keep an eye on your dog for a few days and try to pick out why the animal is doing what it is doing in the first place. Chewing normally comes as a result of other problems in the dog’s life. One of these problems always tends to be bad training on the part of the owner. Most of the time with that, it is because the owner does not know how to properly train the dog and this is understandable.

If you are able to successfully get inside the mind of the dog and learn why it behaves the way it does, you will be successful in training your puppy to stop its chewing habit. The reasoning behind this is simple. If you can think the same way the dog does, it will be easy to make it think otherwise. If you do not understand why your dog is behaving the way it is, then it will be the same as an argument that goes nowhere. Understand your dog and you will understand the problem.

Dogs that are locked up and left alone all day are obviously going to chew things. They will be scared, lonely, and may even try to chew the door in order to escape. This is just cruel and bad parenting on the part of the owner. You may even find that the wall has been chewed away. If you do not want this to happen to you, do not lock up your dog all day every day and expect the animal to act perfectly for 12 hours while you are away.

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