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The dog whisperer chewing problem is helpful in stopping your pet’s bad behavior. What this article is going to focus on, includes a few helpful tips dealing with the issue of dog chewing. You see, dog’s are a social animal by nature, and thus, require attention. Do you lack giving attention to your pet? If you do leave your puppy alone for long periods throughout the day, you may have a chewer on your hands. Why would a dog chew when you are not around? It could be feeling lost and scared as well as heaps of other things. Give your pup some more attention and see how things go.

If your dog is not getting enough time with you, you should consider doing just that. Your pet loves the attention you give it, and the more time you can spend with your animal, the better it is going to be for the both of you. If you want to stop your dog from chewing, show that you care for it. Spend some time each day, and train your puppy on the proper and acceptable ways it can conduct itself around the house.

If your lifestyle requires that you be out of the house all the time, you are going to have to fix this one way or another. Otherwise your dog is only going to get worse and it is going to cause you frustration. A dog that is neglected and ignored will wreak havoc in the house. Remember, a dog cannot tell the different between a $20 dollar chair and a $4,000 sofa. So take watch, and keep an eye on any unusual puppy behavior.

Keep in mind that some breeds are just more of a natural chewer than others. If your dog chews a little more than you might think normal, check the background history of the breed first. This is less common of an issue but it is a wise step to take. Make sure your puppy has easy access to any chew toys it might have. Do this especially when the dog is teething. There is nothing worse than coming home to see your couch torn apart. What an emotional day it will be. Do yourself the favor and be prepared ahead of time.

Lots of dogs will chew on anything and everything when they are left at home alone. Believe it or not, few dogs enjoy to spend most of their day on their own. It is the exact opposite of what the dog is made up of. Dogs love people and enjoy being around them. Try to put things in perspective here and picture yourself in the shoes of the animal. If you really wanted to spend time with someone, all the time, yet were kept alone all day and every day, wouldn’t you be in a crappy mood? Of course you would be. Remember, patience and kindness is the way to a dog’s heart and the way to an obedient and “chew free” puppy.

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