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Dog Chewing On Paw

Whether your dog is chewing on its paw or on your couch, dog chewing is a serious problem. How many new pet owners have become devastated by coming home only to find their brand new sofa has been ripped to shreds? The only memory of the couch left is some fluff that is laying on the floor. Little do they realize that this problem has been fermenting for quite some time already. Learn to recognize the signs of bad dog behavior and you will not have to witness your couch being thrown in a dumpster.

Not only is chewing bad for your finances, it is bad for your emotional health. The list of destroyed curtains, couches, pillows, clothing, and shoes, is well in the thousands and all of this, thanks to our pets. Well it doesn’t have to be like this folks. There is a solution to the problem and it starts with hard work and dedication. Proper training is the only way to stop your dog from chewing. Even the craziest thing such as how to keep a dog from chewing bandages requires patience and training.

In order to properly train your puppy to stop the bad behavior, you have to understand your puppy. What are some of the reasons your dog is chewing on everything in sight? Dogs can begin to chew for many reasons so it is important to keep a watchful eye out for when your puppy does decide to chew. If you leave the house for a while and this is when your dog chews the most, your animal is suffering from separation anxiety and thus the chewing, is just an add-on problem from the actual problem. If your dog is young, it most likely is chewing due to the fact that it is teething.

It is important to stop this behavior as soon as possible though because you do not want your dog to grow up with this behavior. You see, the longer the dog goes on like this, the more difficult it will become for you to stop the problem. So a word to the wise, fix the problem now and you will be much better off later. Though this problem can be frustrating to everyone going through it, it is not as difficult to fix as some other problems. Chewing is also not as aggressive a problem as say, biting is.

Sprays can be an effective measure against chewing and this is relatively inexpensive. Just think of a smell that you cannot stand to bear. Now, think of putting something in your mouth with that smell. It isn’t too pleasant is it? No it certainly is not. Well then, you can see how spraying something your dog likes to chew, may in fact help to deter the bad behavior. Some people have had success with other hot foods and items. Anything that is safe you can give it a try and see if it works out for you. Although if your dog is chewing on its paw, you probably would not want to spray the paw.

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