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How to Stop A Dog One Year Old From Biting

Breaking A Dog of Biting

When you are bringing up your pet dog, you are going to come across many trials and tribulations. One of the most profound questions many folks ask, is how to stop a dog one year old from biting. Many dog owners do not realize the difference proper early training can do. If you are able to bring up your pet in an environment that is suitable for the formation of its attitude, you are much better off.

What are the kinds of things you should look out for? Well first of all, there is a slight difference between a puppy biting because it is angry and a puppy biting because it is cute and being funny. A dog that is grown up is going to bite for a number of reasons. Puppies which are still very young will bite because it is part of their adolescent behavior. There are conflicting views on this subject. Some say that it is best to not allow any biting at all while others suggest letting the dog use their energy to grow out of the habit when they are young.

You see, a puppy is a growing animal just like a human is a growing baby. If you desire onbreaking a dog of biting, you have to deal with the issue through the dog’s eyes. The puppy has not developed things such as territorial aggression because it is still young. Therefore, that leaves us with the reason on why puppies bite. Puppies bite out of curiosity, teething, and their playful nature. It is a way for the animal to interact with things that are around it. Just don’t let one of those things be your hand.

Nipping can be painful and nipping can be bothersome. What is one to do? You could consider a special chew toy for your animal in order to relieve some of the pain the puppy might be having. These nice cold toys will help soothe the pain in the gum of the animal. The dogs are using their teeth and mouth in order to communicate and see “what’s up” in the world around them. Do not let your animal bite you, but rather let it take its “aggression” out on the toy. Toys were created for a purpose you know.

Please note that nipping can also be present in dogs that are already grown up. However, this is not so much of an issue as it is with younger animals. Dogs may be turned on to bite by a quick sudden movement of a foot, hand, bicycle, or things of that nature. If this is the case, you should try to retrain your animal, as it may have had a bad upbringing.

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