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Dog Biting

Dog Obedience Training For Biting

The problem of dog biting has always been a major headache with dog owners. There are a lot of people that get bitten by dogs and puppies every year. For some reason, this is one of the most prominent issues dealing with bad dog behavior. Why is this? On top of that, most of the people bitten are children. It is important to find out what exactly is causing your dog to bite. You have a responsibility to keep people safe, including yourself.

Dogs are loveable and are a great friend to have. These animals provide us with joy and happiness all year long. However, when your dog begins to bite random people for no apparent reason, it is time to start parenting this animal rather than being its buddy. Take some time out of your day to try and figure out why your dog has a biting problem.

A biting dog is not a problem with the dog, it is a problem with the owner. So if your dog is biting things, the problem is in your shoes. A dog that is well trained will never go around biting people or objects. Dogs that bite are normally the ones which do not have great social skills, are always locked up, or have not been neutered. If you lack attention giving to your puppy, it is time to start doing it. How do you go about fixing the dog’s behavior?

There are a few methods that you can use to deter the biting habit of your beloved puppy. To start with, the most popular method used is spraying your dog. This is also known as neutering. This normally gives you a safer assurance that your dog will be much less likely to bite anyone. It is a good measure to have in place with an aggressive pet.

Another extremely effective method used to break the dog from biting or to prevent it from ever happening is socialization. A dog must have good communication skills with other animals of its own kind. Just like we need to be brought up with the proper set of skills, dogs do too. So remember, allow your puppy to interact with others from a very young age and you will have much less of a problem. If your dog is older now, start the socialization anyways.

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