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Breaking A Dog of Biting Habits

How To Stop Dog From Biting Tail

Breaking a dog of their biting habits habit something that really stresses a lot of dog owners out. Do not let this happen to you. If your puppy is young, the animal is biting and nipping because it is growing up. If your dog is older and biting, you probably have not been doing a good job of training it. So with that, we need to fix the issue. Below are a few things which will help you in your anti-biting journey.

You are going to want to distinguish between a common command word “no” and another word, when correcting your dog of biting. If you start to proclaim the word “no” all over the place, when your pet bites you, your animal is going to think it has done something wrong. You might say well wait a minute here, didn’t the pet just put a hole in my finger? To us humans the animal has done something wrong yes, but not to the animal. We are not looking for ways to make the pet feel guilty and upset. We are looking for ways to curve its behavior. We simply want to let the dog know that this behavior is not acceptable.

Use something else in place of the word “no”. A reasonable word for this situation would be “ouch” don’t you think? After all, you did just get nipped. By using this loud word right away after the incident happens, it instills in the mind of your dog that what it did should not happen in that situation again. This way, the dog does not feel upset and it has also learned something about when and when not to bite.

A lot of people also look for ways on how to stop a dog from biting the tail. Using the same principles applied, you will find that the biting will generally decrease with time. You could also give some physical correction a try. Hitting is not the plan here. What you are going to do is simply wrap your forefinger and thumb around the lower jaw of the dog while giving a gentle “bad boy” command. This works because the dog does not like anyone doing this and it recognizes that you are not pleased with what just happened. Give this a try for a while and see how you go.

Probably the most efficient way to curve the biting scenario is through fun. Fun can be a great thing for you and your dog. That is exactly the reason why dog toys are manufactured. Toys allow the dog to use and take out its natural instincts on something other your hand. They are also used to help with dog loneliness. Dogs need you to give them an ample amount of time in order to change for the better. Your puppy is not going to change overnight. If anything, the bad behavior is probably rooted in the dog by now, so it is up to you to change that and to begin breaking your dog of biting habits.

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