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There is not much you can do if you want to stop the neighbor’s barking dog. If you are both animal lovers than you might be able to train the animal or give each other some feedback and advice. Why is the neighbor’s dog barking anyway? Are the owners never home or is the dog always locked up? Try to figure out the problem then give your neighbor some friendly advice. After all, no one wants unwanted advice.

One of the leading causes in dog aggression and in dog barking is territory. A dog will and can become very territorial. If something is not right in their territory, they will begin to bark. This is true and goes back to what was said elsewhere on this website. Dogs are a social group by nature. This comes from the wolf instinct inside of them. If someone is invading your yard or house, a dog will begin to bark excessively. This is due to the fact that a dog will protect and warn out of its own nature. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

It can be a good if someone actually is invading your home, which we hope does not happen. It can also be a bad thing if it is only dear old grandma coming for a visit. Excessive barking is bad and you need barking dog control to curve the behavior. Make sure your correct your dog in the act when it is barking. There is no point in fixing the problem hours after it already happened.

Dogs may bark at people passing by them on a walk, at the mailman, at grandma, and the list goes on. If your animal only barks a few times, this is acceptable. However, if your pet will continue to bark for ten minutes, this is definitely not acceptable. The most effective way to keep your dog from barking excessively is to ask it to stop during the act. Remember to keep your voice strong and firm but never yell at the animal. Yelling will only make things worse and it may actually even put your dog on guard mode, against you. Remember to praise the dog when it obeys a command.

If you can get your dog accustomed to you not being around, this will be a major bonus in your book. Dogs bark because they are lonely, as they are a social group by nature. You can practice this training by leaving and exiting the room in which your puppy is in. Do this exercise daily and try to prolong the amount of time you are gone for. There are two key points to remember in doing this. First, do not make eye contact with the dog and make it seem as if you do not care. Second, do not show any affection when you re-enter the room as this will tell the dog that you do care. It is best to give a dog a chew toy in order to keep it occupied while you are gone. There is nothing better than a little bit of company.

Teaching your dog to obey your commands and to stop its bad behavior will take time. So please, give your animal the time it needs to learn these new skills. Puppies are not born with the intelligence that we have, so we must be kind and patient when showing the animals how to act properly. The best way to embed the good behavior into a dog is through rewards and repetition. If you follow the examples outlined in this lesson you should be alright.

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