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Stop Dog Barking

Excessive Dog Barking

Are you here because you wish to stop dog barking? Click the picture to the right on this page for more information. Many dogs will start their barking because they want to let you know that something is out of order. Have you checked their water lately? Is their food bowl empty and dirty? Dogs may even bark because someone new is in the house or perhaps there is an animal in the yard. The one type of barking you must not put up with, is when a dog will bark just because it wants to.

A good way to eliminate excessive dog barking is through proper play and exercise. If you can provide your dog a good deal of exercise each day, it will have less energy to vent through its vocal chords. Try taking your dog for walks and getting it to lose some of its energy, so it will not be all crammed up inside the house. This strategy is proven to work for many species. You can also keep a bunch of toys handy around the house or yard for your dog to play with. This will help reduce the barking levels.

There are a variety of ways to help with dog barking. Have you ever considered a physical device to help curve the problem? A decent and safe way to help stop your dog’s behavior is to use a citronella collar. This handy gadget will spray a fine mist near the area of your dog’s face when it barks. This is good for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t have to do as much hand’s on work. Secondly, the dog will learn very quickly, that barking is not the answer to its problems. The spray is triggered by the muscles inside of the dog’s throat, so no human intervention is needed.

A lot of people have problems with barking dogs. We have all been there at one point in time. Does your puppy get flustered only when you are not there? If this is the case, consider moving the dog house to a more secluded spot of your yard. As I mentioned in other lessons, a fence will also help a lot. The dog will not be able to see as much and it will not feel so alone. This is a good thing. Always make sure your dog has plenty of food though.

Does your dog have territorial issues? A dog that is barking when you are at home is trying to tell you something. It is either trying to get ahold of your attention, or it is territorial. The worst possible thing you can do if your dog is barking is to give it any attention. What is the best thing to do? Sign up to the newsletter course below to find out! Dogs must know that you will only respond to them when they behave.

Are you not able to ignore your dog? There is a harm free way of preventing your dog from barking. Carry a tiny spray bottle and fill it with plain water. Some people use a very diluted combination of vinegar and water, but water can do just fine. Ignore the dog when it is barking. You can also squirt a tiny amount of water on its nose. A good trick that is used for cats may also work for your dog. Try shaking a pop can that is filled with pebbles really hard and fast when the dog begins to bark. This loud noise will scare it and it will associate the bark with the loud noise. Remember, ignoring the bark is the best way to stop dog barking.

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