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Touchy Feely Dog

Touchy Feely Dog

Very Sensitive Pooch

Is your dog touchy feely, but not in a good way? Many dogs suffer from a whole bunch of complications, but this one seems to be one of the hardest to get a grasp on. Very simply said, if your dog doesn’t like being touched, it may have some form of sensitivity to its skin, or its attitude. This can help you learn from your animal in a number of ways, particularly that of heeling and staying by your side.

You see, when a dog is very sensitive to the way it is handled, this can work wonders in your favor. It will respond to praise and petting with great esteem and will want to keep on winning your praise. No one likes to be reprimanded, not even your pet. If your dog is touchy on the feel, it will also respond to leash training very effectively. This is something that you should be grateful for. You will have a dog that doesn’t want to fight you on the leash, thank heavens.

What is one to do with a very sensitive pooch? Just take it day by day, one step at a time, and learn to live with the animal as it was created. There are many different in-between levels of sensitivity and on the other end of the spectrum as those dogs which do not respond well to petting or praise. Your animal may be on this end of things if it doesn’t respond to corrections at all. Does your pet always want your attention or would it rather be left alone?

Whichever dog you have, keep up the work and never let yourself get tired from training good old pooch. If pooch doesn’t get trained early on, it will only make matters worse as the dog grows and matures. This is not something you want to deal with. Changing your dog’s attitude, if it ignores you, will help you get into its motivation drive. Praising the attention seeker, will help win favors in its little heart. Let the dog show itself to you, instead of you beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what the dog is doing.

When you train your dog, your relationship with that animal will grow, and will become more loyal to you, with each passing day. Your pet wants to show you that it can win your praise. It wants to do the things you ask it to and it wants to behave, so it can have that great tasting dog cookie. Change and excitement will help your dog learn and grow, alongside you and your family.

Keep the environment changing, and always try to throw something new and random into the dog’s life. This type of activity will help it mature and help it think faster on its own. A stale boring routine will only show detriment to the pooch. This does not mean to change the surroundings on a daily basis, but rather just to add something new to the dog’s life whenever possible.

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