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Nervous Dog Problem

Nervous Dog Problem

Dog Nervous System

nervous dog problem can certainly ruin your day. Nervousness in a dog can be related to all sorts of problems. Is your dog a normally active breed? Does it like to run about all day and make you tired just watching him or her? If you have a particular kind of breed that is genetically more on the lazy side, and your dog is having nervousness issues, then I would seek out your local veterinarian clinic and ask for some hands on professional help. Most places will be glad to give you a hand with this.

Throughout experiences with dogs and years of watching them play and interact with their owners, I have found that a big part of whether or not your dog is going to be hyperactive has to do with the genetic makeup of that breed. For example, a beagle is a relatively active dog when it is younger. It loves to run about with its nose in the ground, being that it is a hunting dog. It loves to take in the sights and smells of everything around it. It won’t even let the faintest of odors get by that wonderful wet rubber nose.

When the dog gets older though, it becomes a little slower and likes to take more naps than it used to. This is a pattern that is throughout many dog breeds. That is why it is so crucial to research the breed of dog you want before your rush into the pet store and pick up the first cute cuddly faced pup you see. You could be purchasing a $400 dollar nightmare if you aren’t too careful. Always remember that research is the most important step of dog ownership. It can save you or it can break you if you aren’t careful.

What about the diet of your dog? You better not be giving it any sugar as this is bad for your dog’s health and attitude. This could also affect the dog nervous system. It could also explain the nervousness and intense anxiety your pup may be going through. Stick to a proper nutritious diet of regular brand dog food and also supplement that with some form of cooked vegetables. Stay away from any kind of human candy, treats, etc… Those things just are meant for your dog (nor really for our bodies).

Keep in mind too that dogs are going to be active and excited during different times of their life. If you are out on a walk and your dog sees another breed of its kind, a female for example, and your dog is a male, it may just in fact get excited and become hyper. Is this normal? Sure it certainly can be and is to an extent. If your dog is always getting excited and is driving you nuts, again seek out some kind of professional help if that is available in your area.

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