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Finding a Book on Separation Anxiety

Dog Training Separation Anxiety

Where Can I Find A Dog Book About Separation Anxiety?

Dog training separation anxiety issues in your puppy take time. Patience is a virtue that you are going to want to work on in this particular case. Anxiety related issues arise from the problem of the dog being separated from the owner. It could even arise from the problem of just not being in contact with anyone at all. Every problem comes from a cause. Each problem also has a cure.

Dealing with dogs has led many of our questions to point to one common problem, us. If your dog is having behavioral issues it is because of you. Why do so many people get shocked when they read this? It is amazing. The fact that your dog is not well behaved is because training has either failed, not been done properly, or has been inadequately. It is time to fix that. So what is the problem with your dog’s anxiety?

A lot of dog owners will smudge the dog with treats and attention. While attention is a good thing and yes, you should give your dog treats when it behaves well, this can be a bad thing. Too much attention and spoiling is going to lead the dog to become helpless. If your dog is helpless, you are going to need a lot of help.

This goes hand in hand with the idea of smothering the animal. If you have never left the sight of the dog in its years growing up as a puppy then suddenly decide to go out shopping for the afternoon, watch out! Your dog is going to rip apart your house. How can you expect the animal to know how to behave on its own if you are always with it? You have to give it time alone each day to get it used to being on its own.

The best way to stop the problem is to prevent it. Most would agree with that statement. How do you prevent a dog from becoming anxious? Teach the dog that it is normal to be left alone for a few hours. You should do this gradually however. Do not just leave your puppy alone for an entire day right off the bat. In fact, a puppy should not be left alone for more than a few hours. They are new to the world and are still growing. They need time to adapt and grow but they need your help in order to accomplish that.

Try using a toy for those times when you will not be home to take care of the dog. A toy that is stuffed with food is also a great thing to have. These are great because they offer interaction for the animal. Not only does the dog get to chew the toy, they get to work towards something, a reward. This will keep them occupied and will take their mind off of wondering where you are. Also make sure that you give the dog plenty of exercise each day. If you can release most of its energy before you have to leave somewhere, there is much less of a chance that it will take its energy on your house.

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