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Helpful Tips for Dealing With a Dog With Separation Anxiety

Dealing With A Dog With Separation Anxiety

dealing with a dog with separation anxiety

I’m all alone. 🙁

Dogs are social animals and love the company of others. They just want to interact with other people and things around them. It is fact of life. Make sure to give your dog the time of day it deserves.  You also have give it the proper amount of exercise it requires each day.   However, owners who do not get to spend much time with their pets might have to face dealing with a dog with separation anxiety.

Dealing with a dog with separation anxiety can be a very frustrating experience for you.

Your dog may be tearing apart your house simply because it has not received enough exercise and needs to release that energy. If you do give your dog the proper amount of fun each day and it is still tearing apart your residence, your dog probably has separation anxiety.

Dealing With a Dog With Separation Anxiety: Understanding the Basics

If you leave your dog alone for long periods throughout the day, you are not doing a good job. You should consider having someone there with the dog to help diminish the problem of anxiety. We take the place of the dog’s mother when we take it into our home. We become the family pack. We become the dog’s friend. It is important to understand the way a dog thinks. If you do, you will be more adapt to change their “bad” behavior.

dealing with a dog with separation anxiety

I’m not a bad dog.

Notice how I put the word “bad” inside of quotes? This behavior is not bad. It is perfectly normal for the animal to become anxious. We must teach it to redirect that behavior into something we can all live with. The older your dog becomes though, the easier it will be to leave the animal alone. Puppies on the other hand, must have lots of attention as they are growing.

After just a few weeks the puppy is taken from the mother and placed into the hands of a stranger. From that stranger it is placed into the hands of another stranger who then leaves it alone for long periods of the day. Would you not be nervous to? Of course you would. See the world from the dog’s point of view and you will better handle the situation. Never give your dog more than it deserves. What does this mean exactly?

Dogs that become anxious do so for a number of reasons. Anxiety is also a behavioral problem that is normally linked to a series of other issues in a troubled canine. Depending on the situation or what you can do at your residence, I suggest to try a number of things to help calm down your dog. These activities include giving the animal a range of toys or even leaving the radio on.

Dog Anxiety Solution: Dealing With a Dog With Separation Anxiety

I first suggest to leave the television on because it provides sound and picture. Dogs like to have stimulation of their senses and this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. If that is not feasible, again, use a radio. This also helps to make your house look alive, as if someone is present there. Toys and comfort are also a great addition to any dog anxiety solution. Remember, if you can quell the fear, you will help fix the problem.

I have seen other people mention to leave certain kinds of toys for an anxious dog. This dog and does not work for a couple of reasons. Your dog may not like the toy you choose, and that toy may not be the best fit for the situation. I would make sure to leave the dog a toy that it is somewhat familiar with already and that it likes to play with. It will help pass the time while you are not able to be there.

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