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Dog to Dog Aggression

Dealing with an aggressive dog is often a sign something has gone wrong with your basic dog training and creates a need to ask what exactly is causing the dog aggression? The most important thing to find out at this time is the trigger of the aggression behavior. Some kinds of dog breeds can be more aggressive than other kinds, so be sure to take this into consideration as well. With a little bit of focus,training and time, you will be able to stop your dog’s bad behavior.

What is the reason for a dog to become like this? One of the most prominent results from aggressive dog behavior is biting either yourself (in extreme cases) or even another dog. Which would then give us two different problems. This is why we want to correct the dog to dog aggression or just plain aggression as soon as it starts. One of the most significant reasons why a dog would become like this, is a lack of control. If you do not spend enough time with your puppy or do not watch over your dog enough, it is going to start running the show. Now there are a few other factors as well.

 Territory Aggression

Is your dog aggressive of a certain territory around the house or yard? Is this aggression towards you or towards another animal? If territory domination is the case, then you are going to want to deduct some of that space which your puppy thinks it owns. Close doors to rooms, fence of or limit access to certain areas. Also, it is a great idea when you take your animal for walks to walk in different patterns and routes. A dog will tend to mark the path most traveled as their own after a while. Keep in mind that even though we are correcting bad behavior, it is imperative to praise and reinforce good behavior. So what does this mean? When your dog is not acting aggressively, give it praise. How else can your dog learn when they are displaying the behavior you desire?

Puppy’s and Treat Training

The training needed to correct dog aggression is probably the easiest when the animal is a puppy. With that said, it can also be done when it is an adult it takes just as much patience. However, this is a little more difficult for obvious reasons of formed habits. Try this technique on your puppy if it becomes aggressive when you take something away from it.

  • Put a leash on the dog and if it stays seated when you take an object away, give it praise. If you want to take things a little further, give it a treat. It is so important to praise good behavior yet at the same time, correct the bad behavior.


Did you know your dog can become irritated just like you? If it does get this way outside of the home, you will have to handle things as they come along. However, if it is at home, there are a few steps you can take.

  • Train your dog to sit down and wait for you. Praise it when it is obedient and correct it when it is not.
  • If your dog is annoyed with neighbors or animals in other yards, try building a fence or limiting visibility with a screen. This not only will help stop dog to dog aggression, but it will make your dog feel more secure.
  •  If you have two dogs, try separating them for a while. Even animals can get on each the nerves of each other.

Dominant Behavior

Perhaps your dog feels it owns the house. It may push in front of you at doors, demand attention and jump up on visitors. This is a case of dominant behavior. A dog that has a dominant behavior attitude will think it is more powerful or senior than you are. When dealing with dog aggression this is the last thing you want to be going on. How do you correct this? First of all, you need to change your behavior in particular. The dog’s behavior change will come later. You must make yourself known, that you are the leader of the house. A good way to do this is through simple obedience training.

  • Reinforce the sit, stay and come commands you taught your dog. Maybe its time for a refresher. Remember to praise your dog for successful training verbally and with a treat. Always keep the dog on a leash when you go for walks as well. Make sure you dog is paying attention to you by changing directions often. Remember, do everything that allows you to remain in control.


Another reason for dog aggression is because it is scared or afraid. A dog may do this because they lack  self confidence or if they feel provoked. You have to take your training slowly and remember to praise the accomplishments of your puppy or adult dog. Spend a lot of time with the animal and allow it to explore new places and objects. The more it can learn about being out in the open with other animals, the less chance it will have of becoming aggressive.


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