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Rottweiler Training Guide

    • Origin: The Rottweiler is a dark, mean looking dog. The description suits this dog just fine because its purpose is to be a guard dog. It originated in Germany.


    • Life Expectancy: The Rottweiler can live a maximum of 12 years.


    • Size: The size of these animals is not too large. They typically stand two feet tall but weigh around 110 pounds. Females are a little less in both categories.


    • Exercise: You need to give plenty of exercise to these creatures. They like to run around and be free. If you live near a park this would perfect.


  • Attitude: The Rottweiler is high in energy and will guard its owner. It is only good with kids, if you raise the dog with them from the time the dog is a puppy. Overall, it is a well trained, obedient dog to the end.

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