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Boxer Training Guide

    • Origin: The Boxer is not the best looking dog out there. It originated in Germany and their primary purpose was to be a guard dog. I guess that is why looks don’t matter here.


    • Life Expectancy: Their life expectancy is about 11 years of age.


    • Size: The height for a male Boxer is just under two feet or a little bit over. They can weigh up to 80 pounds but are normally in the 70-75 range. Females weigh less and are just a little bit shorter.


    • Exercise: This dog likes to be out and about. It loves the outdoors and needs good exercise every day.


  • Attitude: A friendly dog and well mannered, the Boxer will do well with kids. It can be aggressive with other dogs or strangers. Since they are orignally guard dogs, this dog would make a great watchdog.

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