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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Training Guide

    • Origin: The Boston Terrier came to us from the United States. It has no real purpose other than to be man’s best friend.


    • Life Expectancy: They normally live about 12 years.


    • Size: There are a couple of different groups of height/weight for this animal. On average though, the male is about 14 inches high and weighs about 16 pounds. Females are smaller in both classes.


    • Exercise: The dog will do well if you can get it to exercise for about an hour a day. More or less will not hurt it though. It is very active.


  • Attitude: The Boston Terrier has a high energy packed away inside of it. This intelligent dog loves to exercise and it likes to play. It is pretty good with training and does well with kids.

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