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Best Puppy Food for my new Dog

Is Your Puppy Driving You Nuts?

I have a small young pug who I can safely say is the most energetic and mischievous dog I have ever seen. I’m Best Puppy Food not an experienced dog owner neither have I owned any in the past but I completely fell in love with this breed due to their small manageable size (so I thought) and the fact that they have a great personality.

The thing is, he loves getting up on my favourite chair and weeing on it and this has got to the point where my chair is completely ruined and I have to throw it out because it absolutely stinks. He has also been into my underwear drawer and has ripped up some of my favourite little pieces. Who knows how he got up there but I found him sitting in one of the drawers with a cheeky grin on his face.

I really want to give him the best food so that he will grow up to be a strong adult and not suffer from any of the other problems that I’ve heard small dogs tend to get, such as heart conditions. I do know because of the shape of his face that when he does get excited he cannot breathe through his nose properly and this is also dangerous.

Switching Pet food Brands At the moment I am trying James Well beloved Puppy food because I thought they had quite a good range and I have been relatively pleased with the results. They have specific puppy food that he seems to gulp down without even breathing. What I’m also interested in is whether I should be switching brands to Eukanuba puppy food just to change things up a bit. I was wondering if maybe the other brand that I’m using is too rich for him and that this is why he has so much energy.

Another dog food that I’m looking at which was recommended to me by a friend is Orijen Puppy food. She found that this is low in sugars and therefore did not make her dog so hyperactive.

I do use sugar free doggie treats to help train him and have not seen a change in his activities when I give it to him so I know that’s not the problem. Is it me or have I just got the most hyperactive pug in the world – please help!

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