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How Veterinarians Benefit from Technology

Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that its only when we notice something new do we notice it around us. With many new advancements being made in different industries around us, it is no surprise that veterinarians are also benefiting from these innovations. Since technology is becoming more sophisticated, many veterinary practices …

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Vet Dog Food Alternatives

No trip to the vet is complete without the usual vet dog food suggestions and offers. I guess we have to face it that vets these days are just like any other enterprise or business and are in the practice of up selling and offering products in order to increase their profit from your visit. …

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How to check if your Labrador Retriever is overweight

┬áLabrador Retrievers are amongst one of the most popular breeds of dogs, known for their soft, loyal and energetic nature that makes them an ideal dog for any family home particularly where children are involved. However they are also well know for their susceptibility for easy weight gain. If your Labrador is carrying around excess …

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Dog Swimming Games – Make it fun

Dog Swimming Games

Dog Swimming Games Face it dogs love swimming. Its very rare to find a dog that wont enjoy a plunge in your pool, river or the local pond (sometimes to the detriment of the back seat in your car). But owners often forget to include simple training ideas when playing with your dog in the …

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What to feed my dog? 5 Important things for my Dogs Diet.

If you are like me, your dog is family if not more. I always want to do the best for my dog and his health and seeing him happy and healthy is good enough reason to give some thought to his dietary intake. This includes buying the best dog food that I can and asking …

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