How Veterinarians Benefit from Technology

Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that its only when we notice something new do we notice it around us. With many new advancements being made in different industries around us, it is no surprise that veterinarians are also benefiting from these innovations.

Since technology is becoming more sophisticated, many veterinary practices are finding new ways to utilize it to improve their services.

Cloud based and offline Software and client management solutions are is being used by veterinary practices to collect and store client data more efficiently than the old paper method.

How can adding technology work for Vets?

Veterinarians can benefit from client management software by allowing their patients’ parents to book appointments online, either through their website or social media channels. This makes scheduling much more convenient for both parties and helps avoid double-booking.

In addition, many of this software also offers the option for online payments. This makes transactions more seamless and hassle-free, as pet parents can pay their bills online before or after their appointments. Something that became incredibly useful during contact free periods of Covid lockdowns.

Another great way veterinarians can utilize technology is by using Internet connectivity to get information on diagnoses. Many times, pet parents may not be able to describe their pets’ symptoms accurately.

With the help of the Internet, you can easily look up these symptoms, obtain imagery and get a better idea of what might be wrong. This way, you can provide a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your patients.

You can also use your online connectivity to facilitate ordering medication and food for your clients. This is extremely convenient, as pet parents can place their orders online and deliver the items straight to their doorsteps.

Being online also makes it much easier for you to keep track of your patients’ progress. With the help of cloud-based software, you can easily access your patients’ medical records from anywhere in the world.

This is extremely useful, especially if you need to refer back to something or want to check on a previous diagnosis.

What’s Next for Veterinarians?

Now that many innovations are being made in veterinary technology and the needle has shifted just a little veterinarians need to stay updated on these advancements.

This way, they can provide the best possible care for their patients and operate their practice with the efficient cost effective tech solutions.

So, if you’re a veterinarian looking to improve your practice, make sure to keep up with the latest advancements in veterinary technology. It might just be what you need to take your business to the next level. One of the suppliers for managed services and online connectivity we spoke to OnPlatinum ICT were able to offer solutions almost immediately to Vet practices.

Overall, utilizing technology in your veterinary practice can make your life much easier. From online appointments to cloud-based medical records, there are many ways that you can take advantage of modern technology.

So, don’t be afraid to wholeheartedly embrace the change and try out new things in your practice. You might just be surprised yourself at how much easier it can be to run your business with the help of technology.

From online appointments to cloud-based medical records, they have everything you need to make your life easier.

Vet Dog Food Alternatives

No trip to the vet is complete without the usual vet dog food suggestions and offers. I guess we have to face it that vets these days are just like any other enterprise or business and are in the practice of up selling and offering products in order to increase their profit from your visit.

I know we all trust our Vets with our pets lives and health so how can we really argue with them when it comes to food?

Who should we believe about the best food for dogs?

Vet dog food suggestions My most recent trip to the vet was to restock my dogs dry food which is a specialty food to assist with allergies. It was one of the suggestions from my Vet about food to combat his allergic reactions however it’s not cheap but appears effective. I do realize its far more expensive than normal supermarket or pet food alternatives but feel I am making this call the save money in the long run in vet fees.

As an alternative my lady keeps suggesting I try one of the more natural organic dog food alternatives but for now I’m worried that if i change his diet again, his allergies may get worse and I’m back to frequent vet visits. Below are some of the foods I have tested;

So what have I tried?

What I’ve tried so far and that has worked quite well for me (or should i say, Leo my Labrador) is Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet dry food.

Royal Canin best food for dogs

My Lab has joint dysplasia and so in order to work with his joints and keep them working properly I really have to monitor his diet and weight.

I tested the Royal Canin Canine Vet Diet Obesity Management DP34 briefly before settling back into the normal Hypoallergenic. It was useful to lean my Labrador up but as its only prescribed by Vets am not sure this is a long term solution for my guy (quite cost prohibitive).

The good news is due to the dysplasia I can’t walk him as far or run with him before he starts to limp and so his energy / food requirements are a little less. He is just a little less active and so accurate measurement and use of the Royal Canin is that little bit easier.

Hills Science Diet vet dog food suggestions

Another of  the offers or Vet dog food suggestions is the Hills Science Diet. They also have a dry food for large dogs such as my Labrador that assist with health and joint mobility. I did some homework before buying (we all do this right?) and from the reviews it appeared that many dog owners swear by it. I cant say he is any more mobile from this food and I actually feel its costing a bit more than the Royal Canin alternative in the long run. (Slightly different measuring system and amount).

The cost of Dog Food Alternatives

The issue i have with all of these dry dog foods is the astronomical cost of them in both the cost of the food itself and my time to make my way to the vet. As every owner can agree it seems that every trip I take to the vet has a bigger bill attached to it.

As soon as these thoughts are out of my head however I instantly feel guilty that I am putting my wallet in front of my beautiful dogs health and well being and well, that’s not right either!!  So what to do?  I want him to be happy, pain free, healthy and mobile and obviously have a great quality of life but save myself as much cash as i can at the same time.

Your thoughts on best food for dogs?

The joy of pet ownership!!  Vet bills and pet health issues in this financial climate will certainly take a toll on every pet owners pockets. And with some families needing to juggle their finances appropriately to care for ALL of their family members (human and animal), so anything that can assist in keeping costs down and pet health at it’s optimum is a great start to the juggle. Here are some of my tips;

  • Measure cost of Vet dog food alternatives against retail but also dont forget to measure your pets consumption. With some foods you can feed your dog less!
  • Don’t forget to factor in vet bills versus cost of food. Its no use supplying cheap food and receive huge bills in return.
  • Pay attention to your pet on the varied diets. Does he look happier? How glossy is his coat?
  • I know its a horrible task but also pay attention to his waste. You can tell a lot about your pets condition by his waste.


Leave a comment about your thoughts?

How to check if your Labrador Retriever is overweight

Labrador Retriever is overweight Labrador Retrievers are amongst one of the most popular breeds of dogs, known for their soft, loyal and energetic nature that makes them an ideal dog for any family home particularly where children are involved. However they are also well know for their susceptibility for easy weight gain.

If your Labrador is carrying around excess weight this can be detrimental to his or her health, bringing about hip dysplasia, arthritis and many other illnesses if not treated. This being awful for the dog but also for the finances, due to the accumulation in huge vet bills over the years.

If you are concerned that your Labrador Retriever is over weight then the simple techniques listed below will help you decide whether or not you should consider putting your dog on a diet, and if so what the best diet option is.

  • Feel your dogs ribs: you should not be able to see your dogs ribs as this means your dog is likely to be underweight, however you should be able to feel them with out having to feel around too much.
  • Look for curvature: When overweight some Labradors will take on the form of a rectangle. The healthy form of a Labrador should be curved and tucked up before the hindquarters.
  • Your dog should not be out of breath and excessively panting after short walks: Labrador Retrievers are energetic dogs; hence this variable will need to be taken into serious consideration if you are considering buying one. They will need regular exercise to keep them at a healthy weight.
  • If you need some empirical evidence that your Lab is overweight then the ideal weight for a male dog should be between 27 – 36 kg and between 25 – 32 kg for a female. If you want to quickly work out what the weight of your dog is then use the bathroom scales, work out your weight, pick up the dog and jump on the scales again, look at the total with both of you on the scales and deduct your weight from the total, this will leave you with your dogs weight.

Labrador Retriever


If you are concerned that you’re dog if overweight then it’s time you put it on a diet. Changing the feed you use will be the first thing to consider. If you are uncertain as to where to look for a prescription pet food then Hills dog food is a good place to start as Hills prescription diet is specially formulated for dogs that are overweight.

Dog Swimming Games – Make it fun

Dog Swimming Games

Its summer and I can never have enough swimming!!

Dog Swimming Games

Face it dogs love swimming. Its very rare to find a dog that wont enjoy a plunge in your pool, river or the local pond (sometimes to the detriment of the back seat in your car). But owners often forget to include simple training ideas when playing with your dog in the water.

  1. Commands work. Don’t forget to make the occasion one also of training by including commands inside your play. Make sure you dog hears the correct “command word” when he is in the middle of his swim and returns to your side. Utilizing your reward toy and employing positive praise when they behave to your expectation is the key to ensure your dog understands your requests and has fun and learns at the same time.
  2. Toys make Dog Swimming games work. Don’t forget a throw toy like a tennis ball, stick or a tug of war rope for playing in the water and even a long leash in case your not quite leash free yet. All these simple toys all make the playtime work for training and fun. With the right toys it can be the difference to your over excited dog romping all over the place causing havoc and your well controlled behaved dog being the envy of other bystanders.
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What to feed my dog? 5 Important things for my Dogs Diet.

What to feed my dog

Dog Heaven

If you are like me, your dog is family if not more. I always want to do the best for my dog and his health and seeing him happy and healthy is good enough reason to give some thought to his dietary intake. This includes buying the best dog food that I can and asking the question as often as possible with experts and other dog owners about what to feed my dog. With so many different brands of dog food on the market, and so many different experts, opinions and theories, it’s important to do your research before buying dog food.

As a rule of thumb (and there is many rules to choose from)  most dogs should be on a primary diet of dry dog food. Therefore, this article will focus on how to pick the best dry dog food for your furry companion.

Important things to decide on what to feed my dog.

There are 5 important things to think about when deciding on the best food for your dog

  • First, a good general guideline for a healthy dog’s diet is food consisting of approximately 50% meat and 50% vegetables. That means no or minimal grain, wheat or other filler. Sometimes this is hard to determine from the information provided on the regulated part of the label (i.e. the guaranteed analysis or the ingredient list). Don’t stress too much, just do the best you can. Reading the back of a label can be enlightening (or worrying) and I know I started doing this when I needed to work out a allergy solution with what to feed my dog.