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Welch Corgi -A guide to health

My Welch Corgi – How Do I Reduce My Dog’s Moulting?

Welch Corgis (in fact nearly all Corgis) are a double coated breed – they shed and moult an awful lot, and this can Welch Corgicertainly be a big problem for Corgi owners and your homes. The common misconception with Welch Corgis is that their shedding process is twice a year from January to June, then from June to December (depending on your seasonal location). However this is not something you can typically apply to every Corgi, as you’ll find that there are some variables which influence their shedding and cause it to vary a considerable amount.

Factors Affecting Welch Corgi coats

Neutering and spaying often takes an effect on the shedding pattern of a Welch Corgi and genetics and breed lines also need to be considered. Dogs bred for show compared to household companions can have bloodlines which were introduced to create thick healthy coats which obviously multiplies the shedding amount. ( I have found this out personally!)
However there are plenty of much easier and pain-free ways to significantly reduce the level of shedding and moulting your dog experiences and that you don’t enjoy cleaning up.

Feed your welch corgi right for results

Nutrients are the key to the reduction of dog moulting. These nutrients remain anchored in the skin, and as a result, your Welch Corgi’s hair becomes much healthier and is less inclined to fall out. To achieve this, you want to add plenty of the following nutrients to your dog’s diet:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 oil LA, GLA and ALA, which moisturize, replenish and protect your Corgi’s skin from outside elements and allergensThe best way to go about ensuring your Welch Corgi has all these important nutrients in their diet is to use Yumega, a easy-to-use canine supplement bursting with the all-important omega 3 and 6 oils, which Corginourish and replenish your Corgi’s hair and in effect, prevent and reduce moulting by a significant amount. Yumega Dog is proven to:
    • Develop the perfect coat for your Corgi
    • Reduce excessive dog shedding and moulting
    • Improve dry, flaky and irritated skin

    The product is a naturally produced treatment which is formed of cold pressed golden flax and starflower oils with only the top 20% used, so much so that even a selection of human grade oils are rejected from creating the blend.

    The treatment process takes merely 3-6 weeks, so you can guarantee you won’t have to worry about the excessive moulting of your Welch Corgi for very much longer.

Don’t forget the Brush

An important factor in keeping your Corgi (all dogs in fact) healthy and happy is the overlooked dog brush. Made up of several different types from slicker brushes, undercoat, simple horse type and even flea type brushes these all play part in a healthy Corgi coat. They maintain the coast shininess, rid the dog of dead shedding hair and even help keep pests from out of your dogs coat. The interaction between your Dog an yourself is also important in maintaining the bond and connection between your Welch Corgi and you.

And lets face it anything which keeps the hair away from the inside of our homes and outside is a great habit to have!. Discover more information about keeping your Corgi nourished and healthy here.



** Photos thanks to Orovillesue & Varin Tsai**

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